Column in The Directory: Jaar van de Geit IPA

Brewer Liz LuybenScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.19.56 PMAls je brouwerij La Cabra Azul (‘de blauwe geit’) heet dan kun je het aanbreken van het jaar van de geit natuurlijk niet zo maar ongemerkt voorbij laten gaan! Dus ben ik driftig aan het brouwen geslagen met een speciaalJaar van de Geit IPA als resultaat. Dus heb ik daarover mijn maandelijkse column geschreven in The Directory, een tijdschrift dat aan de Spaanse Costa del Sol wordt uitgegeven.

The Chinese year of the Goat kicks off on February 19th and as my brewery is called La Cabra Azul (‘The Blue Goat’) I obviously had to make a special beer! I’m a bit of a ‘hop head’ as it’s called, basically I’ll drink anything if you add enough hops to it! IMO, it’s the hops you use that provide a lot of the beer style and most of its taste. Though if you were to say this in a brewing forum you’d probably get your head chewed off, as there are scores of brewers who feel that the only thing that really matters in brewing is the yeast and another school that has strong views on malts. In a sense, brewing is more of a religion than simply a great way to make a tasty beverage! As I love trying new things, my new beer had to be over-the-top-hoppy. And preferably Spanish grown. Ah. There’s the rub: not a lot of hops are actually grown in Spain, which is a shame. I tried growing some last year but had to add it to the impossible pile: too hot! However, in the Spanish region of León they’ve been a lot more successful growing a variety of hops called Nugget and I am using those in my special Year of the Goat Dark Ale. So do drop by Table Mountain restaurant in Comares after February 19th, and get a taste of something very special. Cheers!
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