Nieuwe column in The Directory

me and doffel on dressDit is mijn nieuwe column in The Directory, een tijdschrift dat uitgegeven wordt in Málaga:

Dear readers,

I’m a micro-brewer, a writer & a translator and when you read this I will just have gotten hitched!
After we decided to get married, being a girl, I got all excited about finding The Dress. However finding said Dress in Spain proved trickier than I had expected. One of the first things I did was check out a few bridal shops in Málaga. I’d start by saying that I wanted something ‘a little informal’ and the nice ladies in the shops would ignore me and my silly suggestions completely and start kitting me out in a variety of lavish ball-gowns which would have been absolutely perfect if I’d been marrying, say, King Felipe in a cathedral, but rather less suitable for the laid-back country wedding I was planning.

After a few of these encounters I decided Spanish bridal shops were probably not going to work out for me, also because I’m almost six feet tall. Perhaps I should have something custom made: wouldn’t it be lovely to get married in a flamenco-style dress?! It doesn’t get more Spanish than that and I’ve always wanted one, so I’d be killing two birds with one stone. I found a Spanish designer in Sevilla who makes the most amazing dresses. We chatted via mail and she was all excited. I talked to my mum, who also got very excited and decided to fly in all the way from the Netherlands. So I booked a hotel, reconfirmed my appointment with the designer, picked up mum from airport and away we went. Bridal Road Trip! Surely, I’d find The Dress now, what could possibly go wrong? Well… When we turned up at the appointed time at the appointed place, the designer was nowhere to be found. There was a shop-assistant who had never heard of me and the sample flamenco dress I’d come all this way to try wasn’t there either. I tersely explained about confirming the appointment only two days before and how my mum had flown all that way. The shop assistant shrugged and went back to texting her boyfriend. As my mum had come almost 3000 kilometers to see me try on a dress, I had to try on something. Anything! So in desperation I let the shop assistant stuff me quite forcefully into a ridiculous dress at least two sizes too small. Not a good look.

It took the fun out of the whole bridal-dress-shopping-thing for a while as I started to despair I’d ever find anything remotely suitable. However, a few weeks later I passed the Cudeca charity shop in Torre del Mar and on a whim decided to have a look as they often get people’s old wedding gowns. The very first one I tried was absolutely perfect. And I actually got an impromptu marriage proposal from a passing stranger! So this dress is going back to Cudeca, if anybody else wants to wear it, it’s certainly been very lucky for me!

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