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Ik ben gevraagd voor een maandelijkse column in het tijdschrift The Directory dat hier aan de Spaanse kust wordt verspreid. Erg leuk om te doen, een mooie manier om mijn brouwerij onder de aandacht te brengen en om weer eens voor een hele nieuwe doelgroep te schrijven!
Hi there!

I’m Liz, writer, dog lover, beer brewer and cheese enthusiast. I am thrilled I’m getting to write this column! My husband, my little dog Madoff and I moved to the Montes de Malaga about 5 years ago after spending a few years freezing our toes off in the Alpujarras. I’m a writer & translator as well as running the local micro brewery up in Comares called La Cabra Azul (‘the blue goat’), part of lovely Table Mountain Restaurant. I’ve been brewing for years and even met my husband (though obviously at the time he was just a tall handsome stranger clutching a nice cold La Chouffe) in a specialist Belgian beer cafe. The brewery has only been up and running for a few months, but it’s been one helluva ride! For one thing, it’s impossible to keep up with demand, as we sell out pretty much every week. Another thing was trying to find out the exact rules regarding brewing in Spain: nobody seemed to know! ‘Try the ayuntamiento’ said my gestor. ‘Try a gestor’ said the nice lady at the ayuntamiento. When I told her my gestor didn’t know either she told me to ask a lawyer. ‘Come by and pay me 100 euros’ said the lawyer, proceeding to ignore me ever since. So, on a whim, I tried a different gestor, who did know! I’ve decided to find it quaintly Spanish… Being a ‘girl-brewer’ in a world filled with, mostly bearded, brewing blokes has been… Interesting. Once we start talking different hops, kegs and yeast preferences (‘do you sprinkle?’) we’re fine. More on brewing, dogs and life as an expat in my next column!

Find out more about the brewery: drop by or check out our
Facebook page: CabrAzul Comares


Liz Luyben

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